Back to “Normal”

Daddy had an interview late yesterday afternoon. By the time He got home there was a job offer waiting for Him in His email. Gooo Daddy!!!! i’m crazy proud of Him. It’s a job He wants. That makes it even better that He’s going back to work now. It’s been so good having Him home. i’ve gotten spoiled. Being totally honest, it’ll be a bit of a transition… as it will for all of us as life starts returning to pre-COVID conditions.

i find my mindset already starting to shift into housewife mode. i’m looking around the house at the projects i’ve let sit and looking forward to getting them done. Procrastination is high on my list of faults. lol Having Daddy home to hangout with all the time allows me an excuse to let things slip a little bit. The house is still neat and clean, just not quite up to my standards.

i look forward to the quiet hours of knitting projects which require total silence and no interruptions. 😉 i started a sweater 3 years ago that i keep saying i’ll have done for winter. Maybe this year??? i also cook and bake a lot more when i don’t have the distraction of people.

i am not excited to have Daddy busy and gone a lot, rather i’m looking forward to more independence. i do more of my things when i’m on my own.

Speaking of doing more of my things, i need to go roll out the butter for my homemade croissants (gluten free). 😉 i made the dough yesterday. It’s a bit of a process, but very worth it i’m sure. Daddy is stirring and up for the day. ♥ It’s the weekend. We get to play and do OUR things before the real world restarts. i will miss Him terribly!!! Happy Saturday folks.

4 thoughts on “Back to “Normal”

  1. It’s interesting how much your mind shifts, even if it isn’t you whose job changes back and forth, isn’t it? I went through similar transitions over the last year work the pandemic.
    I say productivity is like sex; the more you have it, the more you want it, and visa versa. It’s hard to really want it when you don’t have it. But when you have it, you can’t get enough.

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