Don’t be a Karen!

I’m sitting here watching Pioneer Woman. I can’t stand her or her recipes. Why watch her? She’s so awful I love to see what crap she’s going to turn out! The experience for me is like the car wreck you just can’t look away from. Anyone who reads my blog knows how I feel about her. I’m using her as an example. While standing in the grocery store check out line how many trashy gossip magazines are there? LOTS!!!! The fact that these magazines exist with new ones popping up from time to time tell you that people love to gossip and hate on other people. It’s in our nature. It may not be “nice”, but it’s a reality.

There is a mindset on the internet that if you don’t like someone or something you should just scroll, don’t follow and certainly don’t comment. Don’t be a Karen.

I’m sure that every single one of us has followers who follow us simply to see what shit we are going to turn out next. I happen to be comfortable with people not liking me or my content. I have the self-esteem and self-confidence to deal with it. There is no where that anyone goes where someone doesn’t like them. Have you ever listened to the gossip at a family gathering?!?! Case and point!!

To be perfectly honest, there are a few blogs that I read with some regularity just to see the train wreck they present to the world. They’re my Pioneer Woman and National Enquirer. If you’re reading my blog for this purpose, by all means ENJOY!!!! πŸ˜‰ I have the self-esteem to deal with you taking a poke at me. Sadly, most people don’t and put themselves out there anyway.

19 thoughts on “Don’t be a Karen!

  1. haha after reading this I’m glad I live in the UK and so am not exposed to the Pioneer Woman! It sounds like I would be spitting bricks with temper inside of 3 minutes! The moral of your story is a good one, people love to hate on ordinary people, but love and follow faithfully, reality TV celebrities and will spring to their defence in a nanosecond while consistently stripping down that kid who dares to have a differing opinion or look different. I also really don’t understand the need for pouty fish lips and caterpillar eyebrows. But hey … each to their own, maybe I’m a dinosaur. I’m a happy dino! πŸ˜€ x
    Loved the post! x

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    1. Thank you so much!!! πŸ˜‰ I don’t get the eyebrows and fish lips either!!! Google Pioneer Woman sometime for a dose of her icky food to see just what I’m talking about. Unhealthy and she’s condescending, too. Worst possible combination.

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  2. Who the heck is the Pioneer Woman? As for the tabloids I use to be a weekly buyer of Star Magazine. Now I don’t know who half the people are that they are writing about. They have no bearing/I have no ‘relationship’ with them per say as I did with Jen and Brad etc.
    I have (knock on wood) only once had someone indicate that they thought what I was writing about was b.s. and segued into an apology for calling my writing high schoolish and not relevant. So same person 2 emails (one I got through contact and one through feedback but both same person as I checked email address) I did not engage with them other than to write a poem called Ode to Trolls or some such thing which I posted. Since I have had nothing. Even all my funny spam is gone. LOL
    Have a great day.
    And I love reading your posts.

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    1. I enjoy your blog, too!!! πŸ˜‰ You’re lucky you don’t know who the Pioneer Woman is!!! She’s a blogger turned Food Network star who puts out icky icky food. Glad you don’t get the trolls anymore. The only time I get them is when I go on an atheism rant. lol There’s always someone who feels the need to tell me I”m wrong. Move along. Have a wonderful day!!!

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