Wrong Turn

Role play is a common for us. The other day, our choice of Boston themed clothing set the stage for some serious fun! Daddy wore His Fenway shirt and i wore my Salem shirt and the striped stockings.

i layed down next to Daddy wrapping my stocking clad legs around His, stroking His strong legs. He pulled me close, kissing me deeply. In my best Boston accent, “You missed your turn to Fenway and ended up in Salem.” Daddy was wicked hot for kitten and ready to go down this path!!! i continued, “i cast a spell for You, ya know? i knew You’d love my soft curves…” Love my sexy curves indeed!! Daddy claimed them all!!

Daddy’s feral growls made me tingle in all the right places!!! Hot kisses, fingers teasing my pussy through my panties. my soft little witch hand stroking His hard cock and balls making Him moan and devour me a little more. His big hand clasped over my mouth and nose, “You’re mine! Don’t say a word.” Fear flashing in my eyes as He controlled my breath. i nodded.

Fingers laced in mine restraining my hands and His body pinning me beneath Him. Helpless, totally His! Breathless and dizzy, His lips devouring my neck and down to my nipples. His big hand slaps my left tit hard. Grabbing my ass, He rolls me on top of Him.

“I need you so fucking bad!” He growled at me. Straddling Him, i slid down His shaft. Hands on my hips pulling me deeper down on Him. Felt so good!!! i love feeling Daddy cum inside me. His pulsing cock thrusting even deeper inside me. i was almost begging, “Give me every last drop, Daddy”, as i came with Him.

We layed snuggled together giggling at how much fun we had from a simple wrong turn. my Salem shirt has now become a sexy item and requests for future play.

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