At home…

Days of being couped up in a small hotel room with Daddy and the pups was enough to drive us all a bit mad. Daddy hasn’t had a good night’s sleep since we checked in Friday night. The boys are fantastic guard dogs! Especially Grumpy. The all night barking and growling from the constant noise of a hotel was more than Daddy could take. Yesterday Daddy had a melt down from lack of sleep. i decided it was time to come home for a while. He wasn’t overjoyed with the idea til we got here.

i’ve been awake a couple hours now, per usual, and He’s sound asleep in our bed. The boys are snuggled all around me as i sip coffee and view the world through my laptop for a bit. All seems right in the world right now. 😉 Knowing Daddy is getting His sleep makes me feel good.

The boys are enjoying the back patio more than usual and running up and down the stairs. Multiple long walks each day isn’t the same as the freedom to get up and move around as they desire.

The cabinets are all in along with the granite counter tops. Stunning!!! The sink will go in very soon. The kitchen is beginning to feel like we’re in a showroom. 😉 i’m beyond ready to start filling our cabinets. i’m being good and waiting until the job is all done so there are no complications.

This morning i’m reminded that the best part of any trip is always the comfort of coming home.

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