Skies Clearing

Yesterday was a fun package delivery day for Daddy and me. *giggles* He reads all my posts, though rarely comments or likes. Not too long ago i was writing that i wish He’d read to me more often. The next day He casually mentioned that He’d ordered a couple of books to read me bedtime stories. 😀 YAYYYY Daddy!!!!!! Yesterday they came along with a couple other things. i’ll tell you about them as i write on….

The Wonder Woman dress i ordered recently arrived along with matching black rabbit fur hooded bomber jackets for me and Daddy. OMG we look amazing in our matching furs. i can’t hardly wait for fall and winter so we can really wear them!!! It was far too hot to do more than pop them on, look in the mirror and hang them up. The dress, however, is another story altogether!!! It twirls and fits like a glove! We’ll take pictures over the next few days. *wicked grin* Daddy says the dress fits like it was made just for me.

Mondays are a horrible TV for us, so we opted to shut off the TV after dinner and snuggle up on the sofa and read the new books. i was giddy!!! 🙂 Daddy lived in Boston all His life, so He loves to share His life there with me. Playful books about Boston fit the bill. The first was an animated children’s book about Charlie Clamdiggah. Such fun!!! *giggles* Daddy put on His thickest Boston accent to make it all that much more fun. i learned a few things and we had fun giggling and enjoying DD/lg time. The other book’s a playful introduction to Boston and all the lingo, etc. We’ve still got lots and lots of that to read. ♥

Not long after we wrapped up, i was falling asleep and asked Daddy to tuck me in. i was sleeping before He walked out of the room.

i woke up early, early, early this morning…. before sunrise. 5:30am? The sky was filled with fog and cool air. i opened the doors and windows for a few minutes enjoying a wee bit of “fresh” air. What a beautiful start to a new day. i don’t feel very well today. my tummy is really icky. Daddy’s at the grocery store picking up bananas, instant rice cups and unsweetened apple sauce for me. The nausea is slightly better after the pills, but not great.

Today i get to nap on the couch with the puppies watching TV of my choice while Daddy finishes up the little bit of packing for the kitchen remodel starting Friday. i don’t feel great, but the skies are clear and blue. Maybe Daddy will read me more of our new book?

Have a lovely day, everyone.

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