The winds picked up last night with more lightening. The fires are spreading fast and the closest one to me has 0% containment. The smoke in the air is so thick it’s permeating my house with all the windows and doors shut. My lungs hurt. My head hurts. I’m coughing. I’m crabby. The Prednisone is the only thing keeping my lungs working right now, but it’s making it really hard to function well mentally and emotionally.

Additional fire warnings and evacuation orders coming through hourly in my area.

Did I mention that Daddy threw His back our yesterday? So yeah… He’s down, too.

Our household is NOT ok. We’re not on fire, but we’re not ok. I can’t do this another year. 3 in a row is more than enough.

5 thoughts on “Smoke

  1. Oh hunnie, this is beginning to sound very serious now. The evacuation siren not started, yet you’re really struggling with the smoky air…..I cannot imagine how you could cope, but can you not go elsewhere for now, or is it not that simple.
    And your Daddy is still laid up…that’s defo not good. Back pain is unbearable, I know I suffer with it 24/7.
    You’ve dealt with this for 3 summers now ? That’s crazy, yet I imagine in your area of USA it’s no surprise.
    Please please be careful, stay strong and you will get through it xxx

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    1. Thank you!!! Things are calmer, at least in my home. Air is a bit better. I haven’t been getting warnings every few hours like yesterday. The new storms haven’t hit my area as expected quite yet. Daddy and I will be moving out of the state as soon as possible. Holding strong, though not always being nice. Thanks for your kind words!

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