Pushing Limits

What activities or limits did you use to be afraid to try, but have now tried? Did you like them? How did you feel when you tried them despite your fears? Why did you try them?

I borrowed this writing prompt from http://bdsm-sexperts.blogspot.com/2010/07/submissive-journaling-prompts.html Looks like there’s some really good ones. This question is new to me. πŸ˜‰ All the more reason to tackle it.

How do I put it? I’ve always had a kinky sex life. From my first sexual experience clear through to today. Vanilla partners never lasted long. Beside that…. I don’t attract them *giggles* With that said, I’d had a fair amount of experience before I formally entered the kink/BDSM community, though I was very green and timid to try many things. I still have hard limits, but I’m not really afraid to try many things anymore.

Humiliation was the first limit for me to test. Emotional abuse played a big role in my past. Overcoming it was huge! Through my kinky experiences with partners I trusted, I found that I was desiring name calling and trying humiliating activities. It was slow and progressed over time. Verbal humiliation and the emotional control that goes with some forms of humiliation are now near the top of my kink list.

Water Sports I had a partner that was really into pee play. It’s one of those things that he left off the table knowing it wasn’t up my alley. As I was interviewing potential Doms around the time I met Daddy, there was a guy who was pushing me hard to try it. Needless to say that he got kicked to the curb really hard, really fast. I opted to take the task the guy was pushing for to the other partner and ask him to walk me through it or something like it. Needless to say he was elated. There was no peeing on me or another person. It was control of liquid consumption and when and where to urinate. Add in a whole lot of edging. We tried two different exercises. It was a hard limit to push… to get my head past the ick factor of any type of urine play. What I discovered is that I was right. Not my kink. The experiences I had weren’t “bad”, they just weren’t a turn on. One of those things I’d do if my Daddy really wanted me to to make Him happy, but I’d never go in search of. Honestly, even after a few years I’m still a bit embarrassed to admit that I tried it.

Rimming In the heat of the moment I had a partner rim me and it was one of the most pleasurable things I’ve EVER experienced. It’s way up top on my list of things I love. It’s the giving end that fall hard on my afraid to try/hard limit list. I couldn’t get past the dirty aspect of my tongue in anyone’s ass. When I’ve received I’ve already been so caught up in pleasure and the moment that my brain is shut off. Pleasure is pleasure and limits shift easier. This is one of those kinks that pretty much every kinky guy I’ve ever met has asked me to do. My experience in trying was not totally by choice and I hated everything about it!!! I had a hook up with some guy I met on FetLife and he basically sat on my face shoving his asshole in my mouth. So wrong on so many levels!! I’m not going to talk about consent violations and all that goes with it right now. I rimmed a guy. It was exactly what I thought it would be. It remains on my HARD LIMIT list of activities. Daddy can rim me anytime He pleases, but it will never be reciprocated. (Fortunate for me, He loves giving in this area. *giggles*

Gags I met a man in England when I was 25. The internet was new. lol Yeah, I’m that old. He was a Master. I was young, innocent and totally green to formal BDSM protocols and typical activities. He guided me down the path of submission and began to show me just how much I crave submission and the kinkier elements of sex. Being on different continents, phone sex was our primary sexual contact. He introduced me to saran wrap gags. I was terrified at the thought of having anything in my mouth and not being able to breathe!! He slowly guided and taught me until I was willing to try. He spent hours laboriously making me a plastic wrap gag. By the time I tried it I wasn’t afraid anymore. I had permission to remove it at any time. The experience started me down a path of loving breath play, choking and soft gags. I’m still not willing to try any form of a ball gag or something solid and hard to remove. Panty gags and other similar things have become staples in my kink list.

Age Play I’ve stated before that the idea of calling a man Daddy made me ill for a very long time. The DD/lg kink was so far outside of my comfort zone that I didn’t even consider it. My first experience with it was phone sex and the guy started down an age play path of role play. It went from bad to worse really fast and I hung up on him never to speak again. All these years later, I live in a full time DD/lg dynamic including age play. This is another one of those kinks which developed slowly with a trusted partner. I wanted to call him Daddy during a scene. I had some playful bratty banter that led to a level of natural DD/lg dynamics between us. He was doting and protective. It just happened. He shared me with another Dom who asked me to do age play RP with him. Next thing you know I’d cracked the door wide open and started seeking out the dynamic. It’s who and what I am. Age play is not a really common sexual component in my relationship with Daddy, but it’s definitely present and enjoyed.

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