Wonder kitten!!!

i know i’ve written before about our superhero role play. *giggles* Wonder Woman and Superman are particular favorites. *wink, wink* So when i was doing some online shopping for Halloween costumes last night and came across this dress… there was NO WAY i wasn’t going to order it!!!!

Plus Size Wonder Woman Red & Blue Star Skater Dress, MULTI, hi-res
Purchased from http://www.torrid.com

i showed Daddy the dress before putting it in my cart, as it’s not an inexpensive dress. His sexy giggle rawr was all i needed to finish the transaction. *blushing* i can’t wait to wear it!!!! Hopefully it’ll be here soon!!

Moments later Daddy is showing me an outstanding Superman bodysuit. Guess you can assume there will be some fun role play in our future!! *giggles*

Does wearing this dress out for a date night need justification? me thinks not. *giggling* Let people look. They do already, so let their imaginations run wild and envy the kinky relationship we have. 😉

Photos to come!!!

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