my favorite things about Daddy

Daddy gave me a writing prompt a few days ago. i started it and couldn’t concentrate, so here i am back to do it today. 🙂 i’m in desperate need of little space and fun at the moment. my brain is smoldering from over work and too much big time!

Here goes… my favorite things about Daddy in no particular order.

Daddy and i laugh and giggle together every single day no matter what. It’s part of what keeps us both sane. 🙂

Daddy is wicked handsome! 😉 Those eyes. Awww… dreamy!

Daddy’s got sexy legs that just drive me insane!!! He was a pro cyclist in the 1980’s and stayed really physically active up til the last few years. He still has perfectly sculpted muscles and definition. Rawr!!!!!

He’s the purrrrfect Daddy for this kitten! ♥ Yes, i’m purring!!!!

Daddy doesn’t believe in punishment. For me, that’s purrfect. i love making Him happy, so praise and positive attention are all it takes for me to be a good girl. When i’m not, “the look” or His stern Daddy warning voice, “kitteennnn” are enough to set me straight.

Daddy and i are best friends. The romantic and DD/lg elements of our relationship are truly icing on the cake. 🙂 We would both rather spend time together than with anyone else. Everything we do is made fun and special just by being together.

Near the top of my favorite Daddy things list is how He runs His fingers down my back in public making my knees weak and panties wet. i usually end up leaning into Him begging Him to stop. *giggling* How fun is that?

i have a voice fetish. Not noises, but actual voice. Phone sex, erotic hypnosis. The right voice in and of itself can send me spiraling in desire and tipping into subspace. i’ve been known to orgasm on demand just through conversation. Best part? You guessed it. Daddy has one of those voices! Beyond His voice is when He growls in my ear. OMG! Makes me tingle and get a bit wet just thinking about it. *giggling*

There are a zillion things that my favorite things about Daddy. i’ll end with this last one because it’s especially important to me as a little…and His little one. Daddy is my ultimate protector. i always feel safe no matter what’s going on…. even when it’s between us. He steps in and sets people straight who are pushing boundaries. He protects me in public so i’m free to be little. He never allows anyone to hurt me in any way. He’s my champion… my knight in shining armour.

6 thoughts on “my favorite things about Daddy

  1. I think I need to make a list like that about my Daddy! I love that he gives you writing prompts to keep you on your toes and your mind active! And yes I agree defined legs and butt and beautiful eyes are definitely a thing! 🤤😍

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