Busy, busy weekend!

Late Friday night without any warning my years of SSDI back pay were deposited into my checking account. Daddy saw it first and showed me on His phone. i sat there looking at it asking Him, “What the Hell is this?” thinking He was showing me some random page on the internet. Once the immediate shock wore off i got started on the list of things i’ve desperately needed to do.

First things first, i paid the property taxes. Paid all the household bills a few months in advance. Finally ordered some dining room chairs. They’ll be here on Wednesday. šŸ˜‰ We picked up a portable AC unit Saturday to cope with this insane heatwave. It works beautifully, by the way.

The biggest and most fun thing of all? i put the down payment on my kitchen installation this morning!!!! šŸ™‚ WooooHooo!!!! After a year plus of not having a kitchen, i have everything ordered AND an installation date!! i couldn’t be more excited. Believe me, i’ll be posting pictures as we progress. Demo and the install begins next Friday.

Today i’m calling probate attorneys to deal with the trustee issues. i actually have the cash to handle all of these things without stress!!! i don’t need to beg a lawyer to help me. Nope, money talks more than need ever could or would.

A few days ago i posted about how i needed to get angry. Well, i did. i put everything in motion to get things done. Gotta say, there’s something to be said for calling every government agency which could potentially assist you. Putting a call to my Congressman to get my 6.5 years of SSDI back pay released was the best thing i could have done.

Thunder is rolling all around us and we’re having short power outages. Best log off so i can keep my puppies safe and happy. Grumpy is having a major meltdown with each clap of thunder.

Have a lovely day, all.

Jodie ā™„

8 thoughts on “Busy, busy weekend!

  1. 6.5 years of back pay???!!! Wow. Iā€™m so glad you received it finally. Whatever stopped them from paying you on time??
    Things are looking up in your camp!! Continued positivity is wished for you!

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