Age Regression

I’ve been on the hunt for a good writing prompt today. In my search for DD/lg writing prompts I stumbled across a website called Teenagers with Experience. Before you get your feathers all ruffled, it’s not a sexy or kink site at all. The topic I read about was age regression and having a caregiver as a teenager. The writer spoke about voluntary and involuntary age regression with a bit of kink shaming for those of us who are in DD/lg relationships. She was talking about trauma responses and a chosen stress relief method. I dare say there a fair number of us who can relate to this.

The topic of age regression within the BDSM world kind of gets glossed over as a kinky lifestyle choice. Yes, there are those who opt to regress for the stress relief and the fun elements that a DD/lg relationship bring to the table. There are also many, like me, who didn’t start regressing by choice. I’ve been regressing since I was in my teens as a trauma response. I learned to use regression as a healthy coping skill for dealing with stress and keeping myself in balance. Tons of therapy and work did not remove my need or desire to regress. I learned to control it and recognize it.

The writer was expressing serious ICK at the idea of DD/lg or Cg/l relationships. I’m a little glad given her age. *sigh* Traumatized kids using sex and kinky dynamics to work through their shit is really unhealthy!!! I also took a moment to tell her that I’m 48 and started off regressing just the same way she did. My DD/lg dynamic was a natural extension of that part of me. I encouraged her to show the same kindness for us older folks that have walked her path without stigma which she is asking for teens who regress.

Being little brings me so much joy that I can’t begin to put it in words. It always has. I can turn off my busy, stressed adult brain and just be. Who doesn’t want that? I still regress in trauma responses from time to time, but it shifts quickly with the love and support of Daddy. Feeling safe and protected brings me around to the happy little which brings joy to both of our lives. I would never encourage a teenager to get involved in the BDSM lifestyle. I do feel the need to recognize that age regression isn’t a choice for all of us and supporting our younger sisters and brothers in their journey to handle it safely is of utmost importance. Support mental health treatment. Be honest about our journeys. Don’t throw morality lectures their way. All of us were horny teens at one point. Guide and protect them without shame for how they feel, their needs and desires and certainly not for being non-sexual littles at a young age.

For those of you reading this who have made an active choice to regress, I applaud you and wish that choice had been mine, too. Others like myself who didn’t start down the path happily, be open about it. Talk about your experiences. It helps yourself and others heal and find their safe place.

I hope one day all forms of age regression, Cg/l relationships and age play won’t carry the stigma they do now. It starts within our own community.

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