Spread Eagle

Quite some time ago Daddy and i bought some gorgeous red bondage rope, my first set of handcuffs (soft red leather) and a leather/fur flogger (purple and black). Early yesterday morning the rope and cuffs had their maiden voyage!

While i was showering, Daddy cut a long length of the rope stretching it under the mattress to tie the cuffs to. The flogger was laid out across the bed with my leash and cuffs. A new adventure was to be had! i was beyond anxious to submit to this play! New, exciting, pushing myself into things which have lived within my realm of fantasy for far too long.

i quickly found myself spread eagle on our queen sized bed. Wrists wrapped tightly in the safety release leather cuffs and tautly tied down. Helpless? Damsel in distress? Laying there naked and exposed while Daddy was still fully dressed. So many things running through my head and sensations in my body just from being bound and exposed.

Long kisses and caresses warming me up for what is to come. He picked up the flogger and slowly ran it up the full length of my body. A quick lash across my breasts. i couldn’t help but moan. Daddy began slowly teasing my pussy. It was starting to ache. The soft leather and fur tracing my lips and thighs followed by a sharp thwack sending shudders of pleasure from head to toe. Subspace wasn’t far!!

Thwack! Tickle. Kisses. Thwack! A hard pinch and twist of my nipple. i was begging Daddy to cum in no time! Begging is one of those things He simply can’t resist forcing me to do more of. “Tell me what you want, kitten”. Moans and whimpers escaping as i tried to tell Him, begging Him to make me cum. The grin on His face spread as i begged in sheer need, knowing He was in control. Good girls don’t cum til Daddy tells them to.

Pulling on the restraints wanting to touch Him, touch myself. He quickly undressed straddling me. His big hands lacing in mine pinning them down. “Shhh… don’t struggle, little girl. It’s useless. You’re MINE!”, He whispered in my ear. my entire body was aching for Him, to cum. Whimpering, begging, thrusting against Him, “Please, Daddy?”.

Ankles on His shoulders, He slammed into me fucking me hard! i came almost immediately followed by a second when i felt Him shoot His hot load inside me. The pulsing of His thick cock is always more than i can take.

Cuffs off, He rubbed my wrists making sure they were OK and my shoulders from the struggle. Pulling me into His arms cooing me til i came back from subspace.

Bondage was a success and finding our way back to D/s is a success in the making, too. i love my Daddy!!!

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