Ready for Battle

There is a tipping point in my personality which shifts me from being overwhelmed and stuck into full on battle commander. I’m clear, concise and have the needed motivation to get things done. With everything going on in my life recently, that shift happened over the weekend. I’m grateful and really excited to push my way through another brick wall. Perhaps one day it won’t take me so long to trip the switch. Life goals, but that’s a post for another day.

I’ve sat in this house for a little over a year now looking around at my kitchen which still hasn’t been installed. Watching Daddy kill Himself washing our dishes in the bathtub. We’ve replaced all of our dishes and pots and pans more than once in the last year. We spend a fortune on paper plates in an attempt to reduce the stress. (I am vehemently against single use paper products as much as humanly possible. ) I have sat stuck. Being disabled and lacking any real money to hire an attorney to force the hand of the person responsible and unable to find an attorney that will touch the job even with money has left me exhausted and even more overwhelmed.

In the process of a routine safety check on all of our gas lines and such, PG&E found an abnormality in how our water heater was functioning. If you don’t remember from last year, the water heater was the first part of my kitchen disaster. It went at the exact same time as the hot water main. I still have more than a little PTSD related to the incident and trigger with stress really easily. This news was one of those stressors. Once I finished crying and being hysterical, yes, there was screaming involved…. I clicked into I”M DONE BEING SHIT ON. Enough is enough. I’m hearing Popeye in my head saying, “Enough is enough. I can’t takes no more!”.

The last year with our home torn up has created more than just stress. It’s also caused a major loss of income creating more stress and problems with the house. Good renters/roommates are hard to find, but over the years I’ve had more than a few. When money is tight and there’s a housing market like there is in my area…. rooms rent like hot cakes and I’m good to take the extra cash. I lost the ability to do that.

There have been more than a few heated conversations with the trustee over the last year. Over the last week there have been a couple, as well. Yesterday I laid down the law. We’re meeting face-to-face (outdoors & socially distanced, of course) to address all of the issues at hand. This person is going to be presented with information that should scare the ever-loving hell out of him. He’s in breach of the trust in EVERY SINGLE way. Every single trust law and code there is has been ignored and/or broken. I’ve been trying to tell him this for a very long time. Words don’t go very far with him. To date, he’s still never sought legal counsel on trust administration…. that’s why he’s fucked himself so hard. Ignorance is not a valid legal excuse for breaking fiduciary laws. When the last trustee (my brother) screwed things up so bad my attorney got a court order that if I lost the house due to his actions/lack there of, I’d be given HIS PERSONAL HOME. This fellow doesn’t seem to realize that he’s in the exact same position…. except he’s done MORE WRONG than my brother had.

Documents and information in hand, I’m ready to address the issues with this man once and for all. He’s being given a final opportunity to do things the right way and lessen the impact of his wrong doings.

With the courts closed due to COVID-19, there are few options to seek immediate remediation. I will have my day in court!!!!

4 thoughts on “Ready for Battle

    1. Thanks. He didn’t. I’m in the midst of filing criminal action against him with a civil suit to follow.

      His wife screamed at me twice while we were there and actually gave me verbal confirmation of his guilt. It was awesome. NOT. The outcome will be, though.

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      1. Thank you, Michael. It’s empowering to be doing it, though. Abuse is never acceptable and standing up to it is important. I shouldn’t have to, which is the sad part, but being capable and strong enough to do so is a gift I’m graced with.

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