I make no bones about being atheist. There is no god…. at all. Christian or otherwise. There is no hell. If we really wanna get deep, I’ll tell you that none of us really exist and free will is a complete crock of shit.

I have a special disdain for Christianity that I don’t experience for any other faith. No matter what branch of Christianity one follows, the dreadful Catholic history follows you. All of the other branches of Christianity are thanks to Martin Luther, the Eastern Orthodoxy split, and King Henry VIII who broke away from the Roman Catholic church.

Throughout history Christians have ravaged countries and peoples forcing Christianity on them with the threat of death. Holy wars. Entire European countries mandated Christianity for everyone in the country or be murdered a heretic. The ideology in points of history were to save the savages and allow them into the kingdom of heaven. Forced conversion was common practice far too long.

The United States was established, in part, to escape mandatory religion. As we’ve seen here in the US, the ideology which was present at the writing of the constitution has been lost. Christianity is once again trying to force itself upon an entire country of people.

Those I see most living a Christian life aren’t going about their faith and life quietly following the teachings of their faith. The vast majority are telling the world about their religion by knocking on doors, standing on street corners, chatting up everyone they meet trying to save them, posting their religion all over social media. There is absolutely NO WHERE one can go to get away from Christianity. Even mainstream TV has commercials for Bible apps and overt Christian content in films and sitcoms.

Believe me. There is not a single person alive on any corner of Earth who doesn’t know that Christianity exists. Proselytizing isn’t necessary!

One of my personal favorites among Christians is their need to cherry pick what they will and won’t follow. In Catholicism it’s called a Cafeteria Catholic. As a whole, Christians are fantastic at doing this! Pick what passages and commandments you’ll follow. The hypocrisy is staggering!

To be honest, I don’t respect the Christian faith. I can’t say that about all of the others. Part of my path in fully grasping Atheism was collegiate studies in religion. The need to dismiss all others as wrong or bad should be a sign that something is awry. The basic premise of Christianity is that people are born evil creatures in need of salvation and redemption. It just gets worse from there.

4 thoughts on “Christianity

  1. I’ve met those Christians who aren’t like that. I had a christian friend who edited a couple songs that she wanted me to see the lyrics of so that it wouldn’t include the religious aspect, just the hope she wanted to share.
    Although I think it’s a shame that so many otherwise gorgeous songs include christianity.

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  2. I’m sorry you feel this way. I’m a Christian and I’ve never done most of the things you mentioned (knock on doors, stand on street corners). In fact those are the ones I also think are fairly crazy. I believe in God, in part, because there has to be more than just this crazy life. Otherwise why bother? Hugs!

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