Educational Kink Books

Daddy and i made a trip to Spice Boutique recently. Spice is a classy adult store in our area that has fun beginners kink stuff in the toy arena and a fair selection of books to get you started. We picked up two, along with a handful of fun new toys to add to our growing collection.

We’ve been wanting to explore bondage further for some time now. Go beyond the binding my wrists with whatever happens to be close kinda thing. i asked the kid in the store if he could suggest a book on rope bondage. He stumbled all over himself a bit embarrassed, but steered us towards two great books! (He told us that up until he started this job a few months ago he was vanilla, vanilla and had never even heard of this stuff!!)

Both books we chose are written by Lord Morpheous. Check out his website at i am crazy impressed with his knowledge, writing style and all of the fun new ideas presented i’d probably never have thought of. 😉

The first half of this book is the history of bondage and safety. i found that part to be exhilarating! i’m a history nerd, so bring it on. 😉 The second half of the book is how-to through a combination of images and written directions. Great information! Fun read. i read the entire book cover-to-cover in about an hour.

In my opinion, this book is well worth your money!! It’s a great read. i giggled at his humor and snark and came out with new ideas. Gotta say, i scoffed a little bit at there being anything new to me in a book. There are a fair number of things which left me saying Hmmmmmm ;).

Now it’s time for lunch and prep for our first rope bondage attempt.

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