It’s Summer!!

It’s summer and the world has opened back up again. What could be better???

Daddy took me to the beach a couple weeks ago. We had so much fun! It was Grumpy’s first time and he was in puppy heaven. He could dig and dig and dig and not get in trouble. *giggles*

This Saturday we went to the Armstrong Woods. my favorite place in the whoooole universe! There were hardly any people there making it all that much nicer. It’s always cool and shady. Redwood trees are like nature’s skyscrapers. i got dizzney a couple times looking all the up to the top of the 300 foot tall trees. The air was clean and fresh. We didn’t have to wear face coverings which is a beautiful thing!

Last night Daddy took me out to dinner. We actually got to eat INSIDE a restaurant! Lots of space between tables was nice… more than just for the germies. It was quiet and a bit more romantic. We went to Cattleman’s Steakhouse. i ordered appetizers: tri-tip tacos, shrimp cocktail and salad. Daddy went for it and ordered a 2 pound Porterhouse with a loaded baked tater.

Today has been a BIG shopping day! i have new summer clothes! YAY!!!! Dresses and skirts and pretty blouses, big girl clothes and little girl clothes and stuff that can go both ways. *giggling* Several pairs of cute shoes. Daddy does a good job spoiling His little girl. šŸ™‚

Being little is my favorite way to be… and i’ve had lots of that lately! Maybe later, Daddy will take me for an ice cream date? That was our very first date. šŸ™‚ Happy bubbly, rambling kitten

Hope you’re enjoying the start of summer as much as i am.

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