DIY Diva

I’m only a few years into the DIY thing. Most of my projects have been smaller things like painting a room, the entire interior of my home or my cabinets. Yes, I do consider big painting projects to be “small”. Perhaps I should use the word easy rather than small. Anyhow, I’ve been on a DIY bent once again.

Over the last few weeks I’ve painted big sections of my home. I’ve torn out carpeting throughout most of the upstairs. I’ve planted a veggie garden. Yesterday I tackled spray painting for the first time. My projects look decent, but I’ve got a long way to go!!! lol

My home is a mixed space at the moment. The kitchen is still torn up from the water main burst last July. Don’t worry… I’m not going the drama rabbit hole! I’m actually excited to be looking at my biggest DIY project thus far. Daddy and I are seriously shopping for cabinet options and considering doing a full IKEA kitchen remodel with DIY countertops. Pouty face and begging may be in order for Him to tip into full tilt Daddy & kitten remodel ourselves mode. *giggles*

Most of the flooring upstairs is down to bare wood subfloors. My little brain is ticking away with ideas!!!! This frightens Daddy more than He wants to admit! *giggles*

Looking around with my latest segments of disaster, I see movement. I see action towards making the house what I want.

There are new sofas in the living room and curtains throughout which tie everything together. All of the walls are painted the same stunning shade of teal/aqua.

The house is a beautiful disaster at a point I can start to see the final product. Eventually I’ll get pictures posted. Just not today. *giggles*

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