Fetlife Scum!

WARNING: This post contains material which may trigger readers related to predatory behavior, cannibalism and incest.

For those of you who have wonderful experiences on Fetlife, I envy you! Truly. Not all of my experiences were bad… obviously! I met Daddy on Fetlife and went on to marry Him!!!! ♥ I had enough really bad experiences that it was time to go. The story I’m about to tell you is TRUE. There is no fictional content and it’s not exaggerated. Take this as a precautionary tale of being on a kink website.


Daddy and i have always had a very open DD/lg relationship… especially on Fet. Exhibitionists here. ;P We engage in ageplay. my profile was plastered with sexy pictures and more than a few surpassed sexy delving into pornographic. That’s what Fetlife is!

Every aspect of my profile showed that i was owned and collared by my Master who was on Fet and monitoring my profile closely. Our guidelines and protocols were plastered all over BOTH of our profiles. It didn’t matter much.

Daddy and i were sitting here in the living room one night when i got a comment on one of my pictures from some man that was crossing my kink boundaries. He was talking about how he wanted to rape his step-daughter. How hot she is. i set a limit that comments like that weren’t appreciated. I deleted the comments. Thought i was done. i told Daddy what was going on. He was furious!

Seconds later i got PMs from this same guy going into detail about how lucky i am that i get to fuck my father. He was either a troll or into some serious kink shaming and pushing boundaries. There was nothing good here!!! He pushed to a point where he was threatening to kill my Daddy. i blocked Him!!! The messages were coming so fast i couldn’t block him before that.

i sent his profile info to Daddy. Daddy had messages in His inbox waiting for Him when He logged in. This man was telling Daddy he was going to kill Him. He went on to say he was going to kidnap me, hold me hostage and cannibalize me and Daddy would never find me. There was nothing Daddy could do to protect me.


Disgusted, violated, angry don’t begin to express my emotional response to all of this man’s crap! He was blocked by both of us and his account reported. Not too long after this i left Fetlife.

i’d had enough rude, gross, stalker-like kind of guys that i changed my location so it didn’t reflect my actual location early on. Daddy changed His to match before He moved out here to aid in the protection process and not leave me hanging in the wind as alone.

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