He Has So Much Potential!

Ladies, how many times have you been hanging out with your girlfriends and one of them starts talking about the new guys she’s seeing and you hear the deadly phrase, “He has so much potential”? If you’re talking about the potential in a man, you’re saying he’s a fixer upper!

I have 2 pieces of sound advice for the women out there who are still looking at men with potential.

  1. STOP!
  2. Love and accept a man exactly how he is or move along.
Meet your man with potential.

I’ve never heard another woman talk a man with a lot of potential who is actually working towards bettering himself and his life. This phrase is never used for a man who has his shit together, but needs a wardrobe update or a woman’s touch around his place. NEVER!!! Men who have this phrase used about them are still dreaming about a career without doing the work to get there. They are fresh out of rehab with a trail of destruction behind them. There is unresolved baby-mama-drama. Women use this phrase to describe a man who isn’t what she wants, but could possibly sometime down the road after a lot of heartbreak and nagging be the man she wants.

If you want a man that’s actually going to be who and what you’re looking for… stop looking at men with potential! Pick the man who is already the things you are looking for. Mr. Right Now quickly turns into Mr. Forever and closes the door on you meeting Mr. Right. Ladies, stop settling. Respect yourself enough to say no to the men who aren’t what you want in your life!

Ladies, if you’re dating a man in his 30’s or older who isn’t actively progressing towards being the man you want him to be either love him for who and what he is or move along. No matter how much you try, you cannot make him into what you want. If he wanted to be something else, he would be working towards it. Words are just words. Unless actions accompany those words, love him for what he is. Waiting for change and expecting something else is only going to end in heartbreak, resentment, and years of your life wasted on a relationship you didn’t want. Remember, YOU CHOSE THIS MAN!!! Accept him how he is or move along!!!

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