Outraged at Racism

I sit on Facebook and watch as so many of my white friends sit in judgement of the looting and rioting following George Floyd’s death. I see them saying that the mourning of his death is lost with the violence and law breaking. This attitude makes me more angry than what happened to Mr. Floyd!!!! It’s part of the problem. I see these same people say they’re liberals and voting blue will fix the problem.

I’m so angry that I want to fight! I want to stand up and stand with my African American brethren for what’s right and just!! I don’t want to see another civil war or a revolution, but I believe there is a point in which peaceful protesting and voting aren’t going to solve issues. Slavery wasn’t abolished by voting blue, peaceful protests or Facebook rants. We had a civil war in which people took up arms for what is right. Of course I know the civil war was about more than just slavery, but it was one of the biggest things to come out of the war and it’s what still divides our nation.

I’m angry! I’m disgusted at the judgment of those who are sitting in their white privilege saying what should be done! There are layers of issues here. Far more than just prosecuting cops who killed a black man in cold blood.

I don’t have the words to explain what I think or feel adequately. When I watched Trevor Noah’s video this afternoon I finally felt like what I feel has begun to be put in words. Watch with me and let the words sink in.

5 thoughts on “Outraged at Racism

  1. I tried to watch the video but it won’t allow me to. I’m in the wrong country. I agree with what you’ve said. How many of these situations must happen before change occurs. I’m sickened by Mr Floyd’s death. Senseless and horrific.

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    1. Thank you so much beautiful lady for your compassion and understanding in this matter , you should teach a course to others that does get it

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      1. Thank you, Marilyn. I didn’t really get it until I married a black man. Racism was a theoretical concept and I didn’t think it could be “that bad” in this modern age. I live in Northern California in an area where less than 1% of the population of my county is black. I learned really fast how real it is! Being chased down with bats by a bunch of drunk white guys who followed us out of a restaurant on a date night. Heckling walking down the street. Being frightened and threatened by a bunch of guys just for laughs walking down the street. Hearing the ex come home terrified and outraged that he’d been stopped by cops walking home from the grocery store for being black in our neighborhood. Losing friends for marrying outside my race. There are many stories I have about losing my white privilege while married to a black man. I didn’t get it before that. Not like I do now. Sadly, there are still people who don’t believe how bad it is and don’t want to hear what happens! I am no longer married to a black man, but I will always stand in solidarity for the cause. Each and every one of us should!!!! Thank you so much for your kind and supportive comment. It means a lot.


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