Bedtime Stories with Daddy

The Snuggle Is Real | donblackwell

Bedtime is my favorite time of day. Daddy and i snuggle up and do our tuck in routine. We also giggle and tell stories. It’s the one time of day that we’re sure to have some silly laughter.

True to being a little, i ask lots of questions. Why Daddy? What if, Daddy?

Last night i hit on one that made Daddy’s night! i asked Him what He’d do if i was sick in bed. You know…. diarrhea or vomiting. He was so serious!! He said He’d handle it better than i think He would. (He gags picking up dog poop.) Mostly He’d be worried about me. i giggled telling Him it’s happened to me before…. twice!

Is my poop healthy/normal? - Canadian Digestive Health Foundation

He had to know the details! Between giggling and covering my face in embarrassment, i told Him i was really sick and shit on my ex-husband twice within a couple of days.

Daddy hates my ex for so many reasons. He thanked me several times for sharing this poop story. *giggles*

This is how excited Daddy was!

Excited Gif | Funny People Images-

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