Let me tell you how…

Through the course of blogging over a few years and watching YouTube explode with videos i’m dumbfounded by the sheer masses of people who have taken it upon themselves to teach others how to do everything from boil an egg to making an explosive device. There is nothing you can’t find an abundance of how-to-do-it-my-way blogs and videos out there. Honestly, it’s exhausting!

I write about all aspects of my life through the lens of living in a BDSM relationship. I’m full of opinions like everyone else, yet as I construct my blog I don’t aim to teach others how to do a DD/lg relationship. I share about mine. I have good experiences and bad experiences. There are times I direct a post at educating on a certain subject, but overall, I talk about my life.

I grew and blossomed as a sub and a little by exploring. I talked to those who were living the lifestyle I was interested in and asking questions. I read their writing and looked at pictures to see how their dynamic actually worked. I tried concepts on for size by role playing and venturing into scenes with safe partners. I didn’t learn how to do kink by reading people’s blogs on How-To. I was a voyeur, I explored, I asked a zillion questions, I read erotica to see what appealed to me and what didn’t. I got safe people in my life to help me navigate the waters of safely being a sub until I found my forever Daddy.

I love reading ‘blogs where people talk about their lives. Show me what you had for dinner and share a recipe. Write about the pair of socks you’re knitting and your joys and struggles with them. I wanna hear about your pets and your vacation. I love reading how others do their relationships… kink and vanilla. Show your witty and creative style of story telling and share your inner thoughts and sense of wonder in whatever that is. Share your poetry and artwork, even if it’s not great. It’s authentic!!

The advice given to every budding author is to write about what you know…. YOU and your life.

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