Eye Masks Pt 1

A few days ago i pulled a pattern and instructions off the web for making eye masks/blindfolds. Today Daddy and i picked out fabric from my stashes tucked in nooks and crannies around the craftroom.

Front & back layed out for color matching and checking size. The boys are making sure i do a good job!

The solid teal is a swatch of leather and the fabric is leftover from curtains i made a few years ago.

i cut out 3 of the fabric pieces. Thought it best to make a run through with easy material to sew before tackling the leather. Also make sure the pattern works well and fits my face properly.

Daddy will do the leather stitching, as He’s crafted leather before. my hands just aren’t strong enough and my machine has a mind of it’s own regarding when it’s going to co-operate. A fun, kinky craft project we’re sharing. So much fun!

Daddy snapped a picture as i held up the leather for sizing. Boy did He ever growl!

More stitching tomorrow and working on our project. This girl is tired and battling an earache.

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