Chatting with a slave

i’d only been on Fetlife about 24 hours when i had my first exchange with a female slave. i was shy and had no idea what to expect commenting on another’s photos. i commented on one of her photos telling her how lovely she is. Part of what made her so beautiful was the elegance and propriety she exhibited. It’s hard to put words to. Her beauty was compounded by the air of servitude and obedience she put off.

To my surprise i got an almost instant private message from her thanking me for my comment. She was polite to a point of it feeling unnatural to me. There’s polite and then there’s what i experienced with her. Once i got past the immediate stunned reaction, i felt a degree of respect for her i couldn’t put words to. There was a part of me which wanted to be like her. i was so new and green i had no idea what it was i wanted exactly.

After a brief exchange i went to read her profile. She was a slave in a high protocol dynamic. Every single exchange she has with another person is a reflection of her Master. i started down the path of learning more about submission and shaping the type of submissive i wanted to be and am upon a simple thank you from a well trained, obedient slave.

It’s not in my make-up as a person to be submissive and obedient to this degree. Expecting this from me is a sure fire way to get an unmanageably nasty brat on your hands. i fall short of what i wish to be as a submissive on a regular basis. i set a standard for myself far higher than what my Daddy does.

The message which stuck with me above all else from my exchange with her is that every single interaction i have with others is a reflection of my Daddy. The more vanilla my interactions are, the more leeway i have from Him and myself. When i’m engaged in the world of BDSM, i work hard to be sure that Daddy is complemented on me regularly. There is no greater pride for me, as a sub, than having Daddy tell me how proud He is of me… especially when He’s just been complimented on my behavior. i don’t behave for the show, but for His praise and joy in being my Daddy.

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