You mean i’m not really 15?

As a little i fluctuate between about 5 and 15 the majority of the time. i have a birthday coming up in a few weeks. i’ll be….. 48! i don’t like the number at all, but it’s ok. Daddy tells me it’s more than ok that i stay little FOREVER!!!

We bought plants for a vegetable garden which i put in the ground the middle of last week. Clearing out the weeds and getting the soil ready was a fair amount of work. my back had a bit to say about that for a day or so. Then it happened. We finally got our new furniture on Saturday. Several hours of rearranging the living room getting things how we want them. Standing, pushing, shoving, pulling, bending for several hours took it out of both of us.

And here we are many days later with both of our bodies finally fully healed from all the work we did. Hips, legs, backs, knees, arms, physical exhaustion reminded us both that our exteriors don’t match our minds and feelings.

As my body ached from top to bottom and it hurt to hold a mug of coffee, Daddy tried to comfort me saying that i am little. i mustered the best giggle i could with my entire body reminding me that on the outside i’m almost 50.

Our hormones have raged for nearly a week now and our desire for each other has been there non-stop. Today we’re finally going to scratch the itch. 😉 i feel little inside and outside again. ♥ Daddy’s got His RAWRRRR back, too.

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