Home Hair Cuts

About a week ago Daddy practically begged me to cut His hair. i was ok doing so, but apologized with each snip of His luscious curls terrified i was destroying His pride and joy. Daddy’s like Sam Malone on the show Cheers. His hair is His signature. He loved it! We have clippers and professional scissors on the way. The proper tools will help me do a better job each time.

Taken last night showing off how lucky He is to have a good cook for a wife. 😉

A few hours ago i hit my limit of being able to tolerate another day in the awkward stage of growing my hair out without help getting it shaped. Ponytails and headbands lose their thrill for me pretty quickly. It’s a sign i’m hating my hair and frustrated when i put it up every day.

i didn’t intend to cut my hair when i went up to take a shower. i called Daddy to come help me. There were tufts of hair all over the bathroom floor. i’d begun trimming the front and then took several inches off the back on each side. Trying to do a blind chop on the back of my head wasn’t about to happen. Daddy patiently cut and evened out the back as much as possible. He stood and watched as i trimmed the sides and front over my ears and found a shape i can live with. We both laughed a knowing laugh as i opted to stop before i destroyed my hair trying to texturize and layer it myself with huge household scissors and a lack of know how.

Here it is post shower and blow dry.

Short hair is always the most flattering on me. i feel years younger and look a decade younger! Have to play with styling the heavy top until i can get it professionally cut.

End analysis is that our home hair cuts may not be perfect, but we’re both willing to be seen without a hat and we’re not upset with each other for a bad whack job. Finding skills we didn’t know we had out of necessity!

4 thoughts on “Home Hair Cuts

      1. I thought about cutting mine, but chickened out. I usually keep it at the top of my neck (in back, longer in front). It is down to my shoulders now. Driving me crazy! I did cut my har when we lived in the bush once, but that was different. It was just long, no shape. You did great though!

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  1. I purchased hair clippers from my Queen’s hairstylist shortly after we were shut down. I then went looking for hair scissors and ended up buying sone on line. They were expensive as all the cheap ones were sold out. So I have the tools but my Queen doesn’t want to cut my hair. And I desperately need a cut!! Oh well…
    Your cuts look great!

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