8 Questions I borrowed from Jim

1. What is the first action you take when you feel out of control?

If I’m 100% honest, my first action is to go into total control mode with a high degree of command. This doesn’t work in all situations. lol OK…. many of them. When I get out of fear, I slow down and process what actually needs to be done and I plan my long game. 

2. What do you fear most?  

Being crazy. Having mental health issues doesn’t frighten me. I know how to live with them and keep my symptoms in check. As with ANY chronic illness, relapses happen no matter how well you manage your health and keep on top of things. I’ve had a few really big episodes in my life. I always come back to baseline and find new strength and insight. My biggest fear is that I won’t make it back. How’s that for honesty?

3. If given a chance to rebel against something, what would it be?  

Every one of us has the opportunity to rebel every day. It’s easier not to. I’d rebel against violence against women. Domestic violence, sexual violence, being hushed and labeled for being too intelligent or speaking our minds. Not having to worry about losing our human rights based on gender. Making sure women everywhere have a choice in the life they lead.

It’s still fresh. A guy on Facebook yesterday told me I was being narrow minded for calling him out on an sexually inappropriate post which lead to me unfriending him. One example in a million of what I’d rebel against.

4. Are you by nature a jealous person; why or why not?

I used to be jealous of status and looks and things I didn’t have or think I could. I did a ton of work on my self-esteem and self-image. Miraculously that jealousy went away. In romantic partnerships I’m not jealous. If those feelings come up they’re a red flag that I need to look at my partner, my relationship, and see if my needs are being met… am I being honest about what I want and need. When I start feeling jealous in a relationship there’s a good reason for it because something isn’t working right.

5. What is your favorite type of weather?  

Why can’t we just have gorgeous, sunny 80 degree weather all year round during the day and the rain we need every night? Does that answer your question?

6. Do you see yourself blogging for the foreseeable future?

 Sure. I go in spurts of how active I am and my content, but I always come back. I’m a Gemini and I flit from interest to interest seamlessly, but I never give one up completely. 🙂

7. What is one thing you’ve always wanted to try and what has held you back from trying it?

 Shibari bondage. Intricate Shibari bondage isn’t a one person activity. I haven’t had a partner with the interest in learning about it and making time for it. There is no way my husband would allow another person to bind me. So, it stays in my list of things I want to try.

8. You have been given 6 months and an unlimited budget: what do you do?

I’d travel and see the world. I’d move out of my current home. I’d take professional cooking classes with the great chefs of the world. I’d sail as often as possible. There are so many choices. I’d grab the world by the horns.

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