New Toy

Vibrators do wear out eventually. Mine was a well loved, trusted friend. Not too long ago he found himself in the vibrator burial ground with all the other exhausted besties.

I was hesitant to get a new one. I loved the other one. I knew just how it would work it’s magic. All the what ifs about a new one. I finally made the decision and ordered a replacement.

Small, pink, vibe only (the other was a vibrating dildo mmmmmm) with 20 different speed and vibration pattern combinations. USB rechargeable instead of replacing batteries.

Last night was the maiden voyage. Daddy was just too tired to play and I just couldn’t wait anymore. I asked permission and Daddy was more than happy to watch and lend a helping hand. I knew it wouldn’t take long, but I didn’t expect what happened. In less than a minute I was cumming. Uncontrollable screams and waves of pleasure flooding my body. Three orgasms back to back.

I’ve always been multi-orgasmic. If I don’t come at least 3 times during a sexual encounter, something went wrong. Not usually so fast, intense and close together. It was almost like the orgasm that wouldn’t end. I was starting to get a glimpse of what forced orgasm must be like. I begged Daddy to let me stop. He laughed a little and pulled me close.

Sadly, I think my old friend has truly been replaced.

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