Oiling the leather

Daddy has been conditioning His collar for me today. ♥ The beautiful pink leather is stiff and the inside rough against my skin causing minor chaffing if worn too long. He’s not allowed me to wear it for quite some time now. He said no collar until it meets His requirements for being against my tender skin. i’ve been sad not wearing it. Wearing His collar brings me to greatest joy and pride. The time is near that He will fasten it tightly around my neck once again.

i’ve been watching Him painstakingly oil the leather and work it with His strong hands to break in the leather. At one point He put the collar around His neck to see how soft and comfortable the leather is for me. At this point, the leather still does not meet His satisfaction. So far He’s oiled the leather twice.

i’m patiently waiting for Him to finish so i can wear His collar once again. ♥

5 thoughts on “Oiling the leather

    1. Oh congrats!!! ♥

      He ordered Lexol Leather Conditioner and Leather Cleaner on Amazon. It was about $20 if I remember right. He’s put two or three coats of the conditioner on so far and it’s making a big difference. He’s worked leather before (tooled/making things) and says that eventually it’ll be baby soft.


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