Camping with Daddy

Last night Daddy took me camping. πŸ™‚ Don’t worry, we didn’t break social distancing rules and go against the shelter in place orders. Nope. We went camping in our living room!!!

We ordered a new sofa not long before the shelter in place orders took place and got rid of our old sofa, so we have an enormous open living room purrrfect for all sorts of fun things. πŸ™‚

Last night Daddy brought the blow up mattress down and put it in the middle of our living room floor. β™₯ He BBQ’d our dinner and we stargazed before coming inside to settle into our camp bed. πŸ™‚

Daddy snuggled me in the way that always makes me little. β™₯ We giggled and laughed telling stories about animals and ghosts. Purrrfect kisses and snuggles til i fell asleep in His big strong arms.

When we got up this morning, Daddy asked me how i enjoyed our camping. i giggled and told Him i loved it!! β™₯ He said next time we’ll make s’mores over the BBQ fire. Yayy Daddy!!!!!

Quarantine isn’t so bad when you have the best Daddy in the whole universe to spend time with! β™₯

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