Lick my bottom, Daddy?

All forms of anal play were on Daddy’s hard limit list when we first met. Here we are almost two years later and how things have changed!

Daddy’s always loved my ass. The shape, the way i swing my hips…. He just loves my ass! One night i was stretching out my back in a slave-like position on the bed and He buried His face in my ass crack breathing in my scent through my silk panties. It was fucking hot for both of us! The door had been cracked open.

Not long after that, He was sucking my sweet pussy and dipped down to rim me. OMFG! my moans and thrusting hips urged Him on. i came almost immediately.

The door swung wide open and Daddy discovered a kink He didn’t know He had. For weeks after that night Daddy was making me cum with His tongue buried in my ass.

Nearly a year later it’s part of our repertoire.

Once in a while, like last night, i’ll beg Him. “Lick my bottom, Daddy?” He groans with desire as He dives in to make His kitten scream.

This morning i told Daddy it’s always a little embarrassing to ask Him. He grinned before telling me, “I know… and I love it when you ask Me.” i was 9 shades of red and so shy i couldn’t hardly look at Him by the end of the conversation.

The joys of being submissive. *giggling* Asking Daddy for what i want because He loves my begging and humiliation in doing so.

6 thoughts on “Lick my bottom, Daddy?

    1. Thanks, David. I’m good! We had a massive internet glitch which only allowed us to load 1 or 2 pages from the entire internet. WP wasn’t one of them. Had a number of people worried with all that’s going on in the world. You hanging in ok?

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      1. Yes. Have had to adapt, but the new routine looks a lot like the old. My son and daughter-in-law both had COVID-19, but have recovered. Our home is less than a half mile from a nursing home that has had 49 fatalities from this virus. Another facility near us has 35 cases (not fatalities).

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      2. I’m so sorry it’s hit your family! Glad they’ve recovered. Scary times. Sonoma county is still on the upswing of cases. Last I checked, we have 145 with 2 deaths. That was a few days ago. The SF Bay Area at large is a disaster. Grateful to be home and safe. Stephen quit his job the other day after his paycheck bounced. It was a matter of time before it happened. Hopefully unemployment won’t take long to process. Long is a relative term given the massive number of cases they’re processing on a daily basis. Taking the pups for a walk. Take good care of yourself!!!

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