Little Space with Daddy

Early Thursday morning i pulled out coloring books and all the stuff that goes with it. i sat at the dining room table with the stuff sprawled all over happy as a clam drinking cranberry-blackberry juice starting to color. It wasn’t long before Daddy was at the table with me coloring pictures of turtles and my little ponies. πŸ™‚ His my little pony picture made it to the fridge door. *giggles* This was our first time coloring together. Usually it’s something i do while He’s at work. It was so much fun sharing this time together! We talked little bits, but mostly we were just together sharing an activity. i got to be little with Daddy alll day!!

Daddy asked me to make us Sunshine Toast. πŸ™‚ (That’s what we call egg-in-a-hole.) It’s His favoritest breakfast. Not mine, but i like it lots, too. We watched movies and talked and laughed and played all day.

The dogs were barking and going wild from being stuck in the house with the icky rain. They were jumping all over me and wrestling each other in my lap! After putting them on the floor a few times, i finally moved to the rolling office chair. Next thing ya know i’m spinning the chair around chasing the dogs across the house growling at the top my lungs. They’re having fun and scared at the same time. Daddy was laughing so hard He could hardly breathe. When i stopped the dogs hung out on the landing to the stairs for a bit making sure i wasn’t gonna get ’em again. Daddy and i held hands snuggling til the giggles faded.

Every little girl loves naps with her Daddy!! Not long after the chair incident we headed upstairs for a snuggle under the covers. i couldn’t sleep but snuggled up to Daddy until i was rested. A play session was scheduled for later. kitten needed her rest!! πŸ˜€

Play time wasn’t what i expected, but just what i needed. β™₯ i’d been looking forward to spankings and choking and rough play. It was freezing in our bedroom when we went upstairs. Just right for a fur coat. πŸ™‚ We both pulled them on to get warm… and enjoy all that goes with it. Next thing i know we’re cuddling and caressing. Daddy’s kisses are dizzying. Kisses are Daddy’s super power! Slow, soft, tender. Daddy’s always powerful and possessive even at His most loving and tender. i came as Daddy touched my girl parts screaming so loud it surprised me. Moments later He pulled me on top of Him to ride His cock. “Slow and easy, baby”, He whispered. i came again almost immediately bring Him with me. Exhausted, weak…. and puddle of an adoring little i curled up in His arms as He took care of me. β™₯ Sometimes Daddys and littles just need to love each other. The purrrfect ending to a purrrfect day. β™₯

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