New Adventures in Geekdom

As I play Forge of Empires I meet more people with a geek level equal to my own. How did I miss this all my life? lol I kinda know, actually. I was ahead of my generation. Not many girls were playing D & D and joining the chess club when I was a teen in the late 1980’s. Anyhow, as I meet these like-minded people I find more in common and we share shows, hobbies and such that intrigue us to new levels of exploration in Geekdom. It’s rare that I find another woman with the same level of geek in my particular areas of interest.

Yesterday, I was sent on a quest to watch a video on YouTube of a guy collecting iron ore, boiling it down and pounding it out by hand to make steel. OK. Cool idea. The video didn’t quite take for me. What came up as a suggestion with it was a video of these guys building a Viking Hut totally by hand. Only hand tools were used. Only wood, rock, mud and hides were used to create this building. I was in 7th heaven watching this and pulled Daddy into watching it with me. We sat through an entire HOUR of this building spellbound. Needless to say, Daddy was even more delighted that I love this stuff. He was a bit surprised that I begged Him to watch it with me.

Take a gander, if you please, into a corner of my universe and what fascinates me. This video is the next in the series by the same guys that built the hut yesterday. I’m watching it as I type. 😀

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