Mandatory Workers

Daddy falls into the category of mandatory workers here in California. i always had those jobs, too. It never occurred to me that hotels would have to stay open in the midst of crisis. To me, hotels are for travel and fun. NO ONE should be traveling these days. Alas, my thinking is wrong.

2 hours and counting until Daddy heads back out into this mess. He’s not happy about it at all. He wants to be home safe & sound. He wants to know for sure that He’s not going to bring anything home. He wants to be here to keep His family safe. Yet, off He has to go.

i am exceptionally proud of all those that go out each day in the midst of this crisis to keep our world going as much as possible. i make a point of thanking each person i come into contact with and those i know who are in those jobs, even if they’re not helping me or my immediate community. i worry for each of them. i feel the same about Daddy!

As the time comes near i feel the anxiety creeping in. The number of cases in our area are creeping up as more testing gets done. 3 more cases in the last 24 hours. All across the Bay Area numbers are sky rocketing. i’d really rather my Daddy not be out there getting exposed for work. Hotels have the option to close. Like every other company, they’re going to stay open as long as possible. MONEY!! *sigh*

Deep breaths. Have faith that we’ll both come out of this ok. Financial losses are challenging, but not the end of the world. Losing loved ones is unacceptable if it’s even remotely preventable.

Back to my distractions and things that bring joy and hope. i can’t allow myself to worry too much or i’ll fall apart. That’s the last thing i need… and that Daddy needs!!!

There’s a part of me that seriously envies those of you who are confined with your loved ones. It’s hard and stressful at times. Knowing that Daddy is safe outweighs the struggle of being quarantined 1,000 fold.

4 thoughts on “Mandatory Workers

  1. I understand. My husband is considered mandatory too, and his job involves traveling to high risk areas. We’re practicing social distancing from each other right now because he’s worried he could be carrying the virus without knowing it. It sucks, but we just have to do as much as we can keep safe.

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      1. It’s hard but I know it isn’t as hard as being a medical professional, so I am able to keep my head above water (so to speak). If these sacrifices help slow the spread, they are a small price to pay in my opinion. 🙂

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