Social Distancing

I posted last night that I’m sick. Talked to the doctor today and started prednisone and antibiotics. This is where my story begins. Going to the pharmacy.

A medical facility is the last place I think anyone would want to go during a pandemic. Am I wrong in thinking this? The number of people I saw filling normal prescriptions when Kaiser offers free mail delivery and encourages it during normal times. The number of people I saw crouding others was unreal. Social distancing isn’t a joke!

I literally went in wearing a mask coughing because I’m not getting enough oxygen. There were two different women I had to ASK to give me reasonable distance. Having one of them breathing down my neck and the other less than a foot away while I’m actively coughing.

Stupidity continues to rule the day. Help all of those out there lacking common sense so they don’t harm OTHERS!!!!

My cough is slowing down with the start of prednisone, but not gone yet. I’m breathing a little better, but still not comfortably. My peak flow is still significantly under my normal. Doctor has me on a short leash for going to the E.R. Last place anyone wants me, but breathing is extremely important.

For those of you not taking social distancing seriously… please do!!!

11 thoughts on “Social Distancing

  1. It’s a sad but true fact, some people just can’t seem to get past their cluelessness, or maybe it’s simply their ignorance. Just makes you want to shake them and say WTF! Wishing you all things good SS, and hope you get better soon.

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  2. Sending hugs…I hope you get better soon… you do need to keep out of such places as much as possible. Not sure why people are so clueless, but, they just are…
    Love, light, and glitter

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  3. Truly a difficult concept for some. I was standing in line at the grocery store two days ago. The person ahead of me was about 6 feet away. Another person came and went between us. I called my presence to their attention and they were angry. But they moved behind me—right behind me. I asked them to move away and they refused. So I left the line and went to another. Can’t argue with stupidity. Stay well.

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