Life As Usual

In the grand scheme of things, life as we know it hasn’t changed much for us. We watch a bit of news each day or read an update or two so we’re abreast of what’s happening in our area. We have our plans laid should we be mandated to stay in our home and we’re using a bit of extra precaution when dealing with the outside world. Otherwsie…. life goes on.

Daddy goes to work and i stay home keeping our home peaceful and comfortable. We watch our comedy shows and fill our home with laughter, like any other day. Today i made chicken cacciatore for dinner. Was a delightful change from the heavy meat and potato dishes Daddy normally prefers.

Kink is still the bedrock of our life together. The other night we had a photo shoot with three changes on my part ending up with photos and a video of me worshiping Daddy’s cock. He hog tied me for the first time, too. Ooooo… this will hopefully happen again soon!!!

Today we took the dogs to the park with our neighbor and his dog. What a joy to get out and see the puppies happy and worn out from play. Ruffi barked himself out! Yes!! 😉 There were a fair number of people and way more dogs than people at the dog park.

i’m a firm believer that life is what you make of it. How you handle the bad days and situations is what shows what you’re made of. Panic, hoarding, focusing on the negative don’t make things better. It just adds unnecessary suffering to an already stressful situation. Misery loves company.

i’m well aware of the world around me and the dangers the coronavirus present. i make an active choice to keep living my life as normally as possible. Take joy in hearing the kids in the neighboring townhouses playing, rather than irritability. Take pleasure in the added time i spend with Daddy doing things we enjoy. Focus on the life we have rather than the fear of what may be. Lean into the years of work i did learning skills to manage stress, anxiety, overwhelm and stay present in the moment. After all, right this moment is all we really have.

2 thoughts on “Life As Usual

    1. Thank you!!! ♥ 🙂 You’ve peaked my curiousity BIG TIME!!!!! If I had to guess, I’d say my friend across the pond with the great accent.

      I’m so glad you enjoy it!!! 🙂 Daddy and i opted to be open about our dynamic when He moved out here. Too many years stuffed in the closet of other’s expectations. Don’t flaunt… much. lol But enough to keep it fun. ♥


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