Yarn & Pets

I had a pet yarn catastrophe this morning and I’m actively working at not killing Ruffi. He peed on the floor, yes in the house *grrrr*, right next to the chair where my knitting is and managed to get the skein of yarn I’m knitting Daddy’s sweater with!!! I have plenty of yarn to work around it, but that’s not the point. Not even remotely. Boundaries, Ruffi… boundaries!!!!

Normally I find the dogs’ interaction with my yarn and knitting quite adorable. I have many pictures of Ruffi curled up in the middle of a project. I find it sweet when Grumpy chases the skein and I get to teach him how to live with my yarn. 😉

For years now, Ruffi has curled up in my lap as I knit. The yarn trails over him and he doesn’t flinch. He doesn’t get into it. He’ll snuggle into my project first chance he gets. My cats have done the same. Grumpy is almost there. lol He’s got just a bit too much puppy to not be tempted.

I had a cat named Oli that LOVED getting into my yarn and winding it around my entire apartment. lol I can laugh now years later. I miss that little cat. She was such a love! I learned to put it away removing the temptation and she adopted one skein that was her baby. I swear, she loved this one skein for some reason. She slept with it, carried it around the house and didn’t unwind it. Beautiful varigated shades of pink and cranberry. The little girl had good taste. 😉

Yes, I’m frustrated with Ruffi for his transgression. Peeing in the house was intentional, on the yarn was not. He’s such a good boy I can forgive him this one, too.

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