Exploring Kinks

Tonight i’ve sat multi-tasking at watching Father Brown on Netflix, knitting the sweater for Daddy and chatting with Him as He’s had time at work. There was a bit of Forge of Empires squeezed in there, too. 😉 Trying to balance all my fun activities into one evening has proven successful.

Anyhow, on one of the episodes of Father Brown he’s been bound and gagged about to be sacrificed by the pagans to save the village children from an outbreak of polio. Religious play and kinks have been slow to evolve. The guilt and shame of what society expects around religion has overpowered the darker side of me in this area. i messaged Daddy and told Him about this scene. i told Him it hit some special yummy spots. 😉

A conversation between us ensued exploring some ideas which sound fun to us both. i think Daddy is still in the phase a bit about the societal norms. It didn’t take long for my ideas to catch on, though!!! *giggling* As i’ve said before, the more taboo it is, the more i seem to be excited by it!

Being sacrificed in some deviant way on the alter in a black mass? Yes, please!

Daddy dressed as a Priest fucking me on the alter surrounded by prayer candles and my wrists bound with rosaries? Oh fuck yes!!!! “Forgive me, Daddy… i’ve been bad.” *giggles* Hot, right?!

The good Catholic girl kneeling in prayer before the Virgin Mary being overtaken by the evil, corrupt man stealing her away bound and struggling? MmmmmHmmmm!!!

A naughty nun isn’t at the top of my list of ideas, yet as i think about it… yeah…. i can see it. 😉 That route would be more if it’s something that excited Daddy. Seductress in that way isn’t my natural way of going about it.

The joys of having a Daddy~Mastah i can share all my kinks and ideas with never to worry about being shamed is such great fun! In the end, we always find at least some common ground, if not total agreement. 😉

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