Relaxing Wednesday Morning

We picked Grumpy up at 5pm yesterday. Surgery went swimmingly well. Within a couple hours he was eating and doing his business where he’s supposed to. He was still a bit groggy last night and just cuddled in my arms.

This morning he jumped off the bed, heaven help me! He was off and down the stairs to meet Daddy at the door, tail wagging, before I could catch him. Slippery little bugger!! Obviously, he feels beyond good!!!

I’m working hard to keep him quiet, doctor’s orders. Next to no activity for the next 10 days so his little body can heal. He’s in the crate right now whining to come out and play with Ruffi. Daddy’s sound asleep upstairs after a hard week. I’m curled up catching up on my Netflix binges and trying not to give in to his whimpering and let him out. He’s instantly on the go again. This has been my morning. Crate & release only to crate again after 15 minutes. lol Awwww… the sound of silence. 🙂 He’s got his favorite chew toy and is content. Ruffi is sunning himself on the kitchen floor. Life is good.

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