A Date with Daddy

i always dress when Daddy and i are spending time together. When we’re heading out on a date special care is put in to turn heads and make Daddy proud. Our trip to the record store last week was no exception!!

We had a great time looking through the stacks of old records. Honestly, the most fun was searching through the $1 boxes of full records and 45’s to find a score. 😉 Per usual, “Look, Daddy… Look!” happened often. *blushing* i can’t help myself! i get so excited i want Him to see, too!!!!

Daddy says that i make an entrance everywhere i go. You always know i’m there….. even if i never say a word. 😉 We got a fair amount of attention walking around downtown and through the record store. The quick stop at the grocery store was quite the adventure! Daddy almost had to step a couple times with men not minding their manners. All in the fun of being us! ♥

Our weekend is coming up again soon. Hopefully we’ll find a little something to do to be our spectacular selves and give me a reason to dress to stop traffic. 😉 Indeed, i still do!!

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