Master John

She broke down on the side of the highway late Saturday night after leaving the bar. Checking her cell phone for service, she cursed seeing she had no bars and her battery was about to die. She was just drunk enough not to panic.

She was so grateful when a car stopped to help her. A fur clad man walked over with an affable smile asking if she needed a ride into town. She accepted his offer. She was shivering. “You’re freezing” he said, “take my coat.” He wrapped his heavy fur around her shoulders. She was feeling safe and protected in that moment. He put his arm around her shoulder pulling her close as they walked to his car. His arm slipped around her neck choking her. As she struggled, his other hand went over her mouth with a chloroform-soaked rag. She sagged into his arms when the struggle ended.

He layed her in the back seat his car. He bound her hands behind her tightly with lengths of red rope in intricate, inescapable knots. He stood over her rubbing the fur coat over her soft body. His cock almost bursting from his pants.

Controlling himself, he drove the car to a local motel where he had a seedy room waiting for him. He picked her up in his big arms and carried her into the room. Laying her on the bed face down. He gagged her pretty face so when she came to, her screams wouldn’t be heard. He sat in the chair watching her. The rise and fall of her breathe, the curves of her generous hips and ass under the heavy fur.

He sipped a brandy as he watched her begin to stir. Her eyes fluttering open, twisting against her restraints. The panic in her eyes was sheer ecstasy to him. The fire in his eyes and the devilish grin scared her further… yet she was somehow excited.

He sat on the bed beside her. She struggled, trying to scream and flee. He began soothing her in a quiet tone, as if comforting a frightened child. “Shhhh… It’s ok. I won’t harm you…” he said as he began stroking her hair. She was utterly terrified. She struggled until there was no fight left in her.

He stayed beside her quietly stroking her gently. “You may call me Master John.” She caught his eye and saw a gentleness beneath the harsh surroundings she found herself in with him. Her breathing slowed. “Squeeze my hand once for yes and twice for no. Do you understand?” putting his hand in hers. The warmth and softness of his skin was alluring despite her rage at being at this strangers’ total mercy. She squeezed his hand once.

He looked down at her face as he began stroking her body with long, slow motions from neck to ankle over the luxurious fur covering her. He spent extra time on her ass and the small of her back. Her face softened and eyes closed as his touch became more demanding. He heard a low moan escape through her gag. He’d won her consent. He stroked her hair softly with one hand, “Good girl. Relax and let Master John take of you. You’re safe, babygirl.” She sighed and melted into the bed beneath her allowing his touch to dominate her.

He pushed the fur up above her knees stroking her long milky white legs. She didn’t resist his touch, but rather leaned into him. His strong hands pushed up her thigh, a nail scratching deeply into her tender flesh testing her limits. She moaned in delight. “Oh, I see babygirl likes a little pain” he growled with a wry grin.

Farther up her legs, pushing between her thighs to find her without panties under her dress and damp thighs. She opened her legs eagerly for Master John. He chuckled and slapped her ass hard. “No, no little slut.” He brought his damp fingers to inhale her scent deeply. Her scent was intoxicating.

He grabbed a fistful of her hair and pulled her head back hard. She groaned through her gag. Putting his hand in her once again. “Do you want me to stop, babygirl?” She followed his command and squeezed twice for no. He growled, leaning in to bite her neck. “Mmmmm… I picked such a good girl.” Pulling her long locks so tightly she couldn’t move her head even if she wanted to.

She felt his cock pressing into her bare thigh. His body pressed hard on her, pinning her down beneath him. Her bound hands aching from his weight and the tightness of the knots. She’d have it no other way. She pushed her ass up, arching into him wanting to feel him… needing him. She wanted more.

“I know slut, I know you need me…” He got up, leaving her there. She was stunned. Afraid he was done with her. She watched him intently, fear in her eyes. He walked across the room and picked up his waiting bag of toys and brought it closer. He began looking through the bag. She watched him get wild grins as he picked up each new item. He settled on a cane.

Walking back to the bed, slapping the cane against his hand. The fear in her eyes was sexy as Hell, pushing him forward in his endeavor. He laughed, “This will hurt you more than it hurts me.”

The first lash landed on the back of her thighs. Each strike of the cane harder than the first. The back of her thighs, calves and ass beaten raw and red. Her screams were muffled by the ball gag in her pretty mouth. Tears streamed down her face. Her body tired when he stopped. Setting down the cane, examining the beautiful marks he’d left upon her flesh. A drop of blood dripping down her upper thigh. His hot tongue licked the blood from his work. She moaned uncontrollably at his softness.

Master John removed his clothes revealing a long, lean body. Strong, but not overly muscled. His cock standing at full attention. Long, thick, beautiful. Her pussy was dripping in need of him.

He removed her gag massaging her sore jaw muscles. She pressed her face into his big hand moaning, eyes closing. “I want to hear you beg for what you want, babygirl” he whispered close to her ear.

She needed him. This stranger who abducted her. She had to have him. She need to be his! She began begging him. “Please, Master John, fuck me?” He grabbed her hair again as he straddled her ass. “Mmmmmm…. OMG please, fuck me. I’m such a dirty little slut with how much I want you. I need your huge cock inside me!!” He couldn’t constrain himself any longer and buried his cock to the hilt in one deep thrust. His guttural growl penetrating her as deeply as his cock. Pinning her, the fur rubbing both of their bodies as he rode her hard and deep. The soft luxurious fur caressing their soft flesh mixed with the harsh fucking and growls and screams.

She was a good little subbie slut and begged him to cum. She came over and over as he fucked her. Master John fucked her until her cunt was sore and raw and she begged him to stop before he came. He filled her sore pussy with a thick load of his cum. She was exhausted and lay there shaking. He kissed her pussy lips softly before beginning to lick his cum from her sweet folds. He forced her to cum again, his face buried deep in her pussy.

He layed beside her, pulling her close, stroking her face and hair. He held her tight, protectively until she stopped shaking before untying her hands. She rolled to him, wrapping herself around him.

Her eyes said it all as she looked up into his face with those soft, begging blue eyes. “Yes, babygirl, you are MINE.” She sighed and fell asleep in his arms.

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