Long, emotional weekend

This was the weekend that would NEVER end! You know everything major happens on Friday night, just after everyone and everything has closed. Well, this weekend it was Saturday afternoon.

I posted the other day that I woke up to Grumpy vomiting in our bed followed by 4 more times throughout the day. After 3 in less than an hour, of course right after Daddy went to work with the car, it was time to take him to the vet.

Poor little guy has a foreign body in his tummy. Who knows what he swallowed?! I watch him all the time, but he’s a puppy and puts everything in his little mouth! Licking the bottom of my shoes is fun for him. Can you imagine what else is yummy to him? The vet hospital quoted me $4,000 for the surgery. Needless to say I fell apart! My puppy, my baby was going to die. There’s no way we could afford that and the pet credit line was declined.

The vet gave me info for the Humane Society and a couple other lower cost vets in the area wishing me luck. Yesterday was harder than Saturday sitting with him at the vet afraid he was going to die! Not knowing how or where he was going to get the surgery. Waiting for phone calls and Monday to come around. Hoping he stayed stable til today.

Daddy stayed home with me yesterday. It was hard on Him. Really hard. There was no right answer or place for Him to be. Home was hard and work would’ve been hard. He sat with me as I sobbed a few times afraid our puppy was going to die. He calmed me and played with the puppy and settled all of us in for a nap. Daddy did what Daddy does best. He holds our family together.

Little Grumpy doesn’t have any idea he’s sick!!!!! He’s playing, cuddling, eating (minimal as we’re controlling it to prevent blockage) and just being his sweet, adorable little self. He couldn’t be happier! He’s getting tons and tons of attention and cuddles. ♥ We take him in to the Humane Society tomorrow morning at 8am. They gave us a rate for the surgery that we can afford. It puts a damper on our cash flow in March, but our baby will be just fine!!!! They’re going to neuter him, too. One surgery is better than two.

Both pups are snuggled next to me. One on either side sound asleep. Happy boys. Daddy just left for work a little bit ago. I’m settling in as best I can. Soon I’ll head upstairs for bed with the boys so we’re all rested for Grumpy’s appointment in the morning.

I was talking to a friend about our pets. They’re so much more than pets. They’re our family… our kids! So relieved my little Grumpy is going in tomorrow. ♥ Grateful for services to help out when the cash just isn’t there!!! One day I’d like to make a nice donation to the organization to help someone else save their baby.

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