my lil Grumpy

What a shitty ass day!!!! Grumpy vomited 5x today. A trip to the vet was in order. He’s got a foreign body in his stomach which has to be surgically removed. It’s a $4,000 surgery. Neither Daddy or i are terribly ok emotionally. i had to deal with this at the vet by myself today. Totally not ok. Brought the puppy home while we figure out how to pay for it. Not a good day!

5 thoughts on “my lil Grumpy

      1. He seems to be doing ok. The object in his tummy won’t pass on it’s own. He’ll need surgery. We’re scrounging to find the money and a vet who will do it for less in the time he has. Grumpy feels just fine. Daddy and i are a hot mess!!!

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      2. Thanks, David. Got him into the Humane Society for tomorrow. They price surgery according to the person’s ability to pay rather than the procedure itself. He’s slowing down and not feeling quite himself, but he’s not in dire straights yet. Stephen is home keeping me calm so I can take care of the baby. 🙂 He’s gonna be fine. I applied for the vet line of credit and was denied. That was my major area of OMG last night. Today things are steady and holding about the same. He’s just my cuddly baby and happy to see me and play a little bit. I’m worried but not 911.


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