Maintenance Spankings?

Daddy and i have been talking about deepening the D/s component of our relationship for quite some time now. With all that’s going on in life it’s been difficult to sit down and focus on it. Tonight we talked about it. 😉 After reading Marie’s post the other day about maintenance spankings, i gave it some serious thought and asked Daddy if we could talk about an idea or two in the near future when things were calm and we could really pay attention.

We’d been out running errands this afternoon and i was collared once again. It’s becoming the norm rather than the exception that Daddy collars me before we leave the house. The mood was right. i asked permission to bring up an idea to ponder and we sat down not too long after i asked.

i watched Daddy’s face expand in His Daddy~Master naughty smirk as i brought up the idea of maintenance spankings…. or something else that would be a regular reminder of our roles. i could see the wheels turning. We didn’t talk about it at length. Maybe ten minutes in all. We agreed to return to the topic over His weekend (Wednesday or Thursday). The more we talked, the more i found myself wanting to back paddle (i intend the pun! lol) out of the weekly spanking idea. *sigh* i finally told Him that i’m having some stuff come up around it, which means it’s probably a good thing and needed. i told Him i’m ready for Him to step back into the strong Daddy role He once had and i need to submit further as i’ve gotten lax and comfortable in the more vanilla aspect of our day-to-day life. He looked at me with a little smile on His face. The very Daddy smile i know well and thanked me for bringing this to His attention.

A couple hours later i find myself questioning my act of bringing it to Him. i know totally that my questioning tells me everything i need to know. lol Whether it’s spanking or not, i’m quite sure there will be a new order in my future intended to remind me of my place at His feet.

Being totally honest, the anxiety i’m experiencing is much more excitement and the tingles down below than a worry or fear about Daddy opting to spank me on a regular basis to make sure i remember who’s in charge in our family.

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