Sunny Saturday Morning

Good morning! 🙂 Hope you are well and enjoying the start of the weekend. I’m curled up with the dogs watching old reruns of The Match Game ’76. I’ve become hooked on this show! Daddy and I watch it every morning and a couple of the other game shows just before bed. I had no idea the BUZZR channel exists til He introduced me to it.

Speaking of Daddy, He’s still sleeping. He’s been fighting off a bug for a few days now. Seems allergies are kicking His butt. I’m happy to see Him resting and taking care of Himself. He pushes Himself too hard.

At 10am it’s already sunny and rather warm. They say we’re not due rain for another week. Sad state of affairs, really. I’m still going to take advantage of the warm weather!!!! Get the dogs out for a nice long walk. No dog park on the weekends! It’s always crazy and unsafe. I’d like to get another wall painted in the little bedroom. Windows open so it dries and I’m not inhaling paint fumes too long. ;P I’m painting the room pink. I mean really pink! I love it! The room has needed a fresh coat of paint for quite some time. A renter destroyed the paint job. I’ll post pictures when it’s done.

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