Getting Out

For the longest time now I’ve sat by complaining that I’m a bored, lonely housewife. I don’t bitch about it here, but it certainly comes up between the Mr & me once in a while. I reach that OMG I’M DYING point. I bitch and then settle back into the status quo unhappy with my life.

Tonight I’ve made an actual plan that is realistic to get me out of the house and back into my healthier routine. I’m joining the gym again. I love going. Once I’m in the routine you can’t hardly pull me away. It’s paid for, too. I qualify for and signed up for the Silver Sneaker’s program with Medicare.

A bit of volunteer work would do me wonders, too. Perhaps reshelve books at the local library? This one has been running through my head for a while now. The motivation to actually follow through with it has been the problem.

Once you’re in a rut it takes a great deal of energy to pull youself out of it. I’ve hung drapes and decorated my miserable rut making it seem not quite so awful. Monday I begin the challenge of doing something different and getting myself out into the world every day and getting myself healthy, mentally and physically.

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