Friday Afternoon…

Yes, yes…. i know it’s Valentine’s Day. In our house it’s just another Friday. Daddy heads out to work in about an hour. We had our snuggles this morning along with our well wishes for lover’s day. i am a firm believer that Valentine’s Day is a bunch of hocus pocus. Daddy and i tell each other every day that we love one another and dote on each other. No special day decided by outsiders is needed to bring in the romance. Today romance was Daddy scrubbing the floors when i was feeling overwhelmed with housework. ♥ i have the bestest Daddy!!!

After He heads into work, i’m going upstairs to finish painting the chairs i started a few months back. Depending on how my motivation goes, i just may start painting that bedroom, too. It’s warm enough again today to have the house opened up so i don’t suffocate on paint fumes. The hard part is wrangling the dogs so i can move without them getting into everything.

i’ve started watching a new show on Netflix. i’m swinging away from my fantasy and sci-fi for a bit. i can’t remember the name of this show at the moment, as i’m watching and i don’t want to leave the plot to get the title. It’s a British show about a priest who solves crimes in the midst of saving his flock. Father Brown, maybe? i’m a couple episodes in and i like it.

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