Struggling to stay focused

I started cleaning house about 8:30 am. A little over 3 hours later and I’ve only gotten the sofa cushions straightened out. lol Well, not only. Just the only task I’ve completed start to finish.

The phone rang and it was my brother calling about the house. Not an unpleasant call, but still not particularly fun. As I told him that we’ve hired an attorney to negotiate a settlement agreement things got a little tense. Polite, yet tense. He still expects me to roll over and take what I’m given. That hasn’t been me in a very long time. I have fought long and hard not to be that person any longer. Hence, why I have a lawyer representing me. I’m only docile and submissive where Daddy is concerned. 😉

Daddy woke up for a bit and we chatted and had snuggles. How can I not take advantage of a few precious Daddy snuggle moments on a Tuesday? Daddy works graveyards Mondays and Tuesdays, so He sleeps the vast majority of the day.

The dogs have gotten into things and I’ve been pulled away to do behavior mod. lol We bought a few new food/drink things yesterday and I had a gluten reaction. I had to Google each product to see which one it was. I was already pretty sure, but I had to be certain so I can avoid it in the future. I’m so glad it’s something Daddy likes so it won’t go to waste. Carmel coloring is a bitch, just FYI. *sigh*

I’m not all that excited about scrubbing floors and dishes today to begin with, so distractions are welcome? lol Not really. I want the house clean. It’s just sooo pretty outside that I want to play instead of doing grown up stuff. Cleaning house is grown up stuff no matter how you cut it! We have a high of 79* F today in lovely Sonoma county. I have all the doors and windows open as I run around in cut off shorts and a t-shirt. Does it get any better than that in February?! Seriously?!?! Daddy has two fans running in our bedroom, too. lol Heat rises…. 😀 Our room is upstairs.

Am I being obnoxious talking about our unseasonably warm February weather? Probably. Just remind me of this moment mid summer when I’m crabbing about the massive drought we’re expecting. Even in California we can’t have it all.

I have all my business phone calls made. Emails sent that need to be done. I have no excuse not to finish sweeping the floor. I can do it!!!! Once it’s done I can take the puppies to the dog park. Ohhhhh…. we love that! I’ve found the perfect reward for getting grown up stuff done. Playtime in the park with the boys!

Have a great day, folks.


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