Fort Bragg

Daddy and i got back late Friday afternoon. We had a splendid time! The drive was long and exhausting, but so very beautiful. Redwood trees for miles and miles. Sheep, cows, goats and vineyards stretching for acres.

Our hotel was quaint and right off the highway. They’re in the midst of updating all the rooms. Ours was halfway there. No complaints at all. Good service, comfortable, bed, nice continental breakfast and the price was certainly right. Being centrally located sure was a delight. πŸ™‚

We didn’t hit all the tourist spots i’d hoped to, though we stumbled upon a few more we had no idea were there! We plan to go back with more time planned there. So much more to see and do…

Thursday night we had dinner at Silver’s at the Wharf. OMG! The food was unbelievable!

Daddy had filet mignon with tomato mushroom ragu and garlic mashed potatoes
i had frutti de mare bruschetta in a pineapple champaigne cream sauce with garlic mashed potatoes and succotash.
Happy anniversary to us!!! We’re coming out of the restaurant.

Friday morning we walked through two state parks taking in picturesque ocean views. Rare birds and endangered regional flowers. Historical logging bridges. So much beauty in the area!

Daddy just couldn’t get His shadow outta this picture (3 attempts!). We saw quite a few Urban Edge birds. HUGE!!!!!! OMG they’re huge!
β™₯ The happy couple β™₯

As you can see, Daddy paraded me around town in His collar. Since i cut my hair, the padlock is very visible. We had every reaction you’d think. The men who stared longingly for such a thing, the women who looked in scorn, those who wouldn’t acknowledge our presence at all, and those who took it in stride as normal. Those are my favorite. There was a point where a woman refused to even say good morning to Daddy after seeing me collared. i looked over at Him and said i wish He’d leashed me, too….. really give her something to be upset about. lol The most important collar i’ll ever wear is the one we celebrated on this trip… my wedding ring. β™₯ It’s still nice to take the feelings to the next level with my locked collar feeling like a snug reminder that i’m loved and His.

This photo was taken at one of the state parks, though we saw miles and miles of this driving home on Hwy 1.
This bridge was once used to haul redwood trees into town to the lumber mills. It’s been updated with reclaimed wood from the original bridge to be a walking bridge between the two parks. There’s a story board about it on either side of the bridge.

We stumbled upon the botanical gardens as we headed towards home. We were too busy looking to take many pictures. These few just caught my eye.

Don’t those look like ears of corn on that bush in the back??
These are the strangest looking pants/trees i’ve ever seen! They get HUGE! The leaves grow larger than a 4 feet in diameter when the plant/tree reaches full size.

Great story about this pond! i went over to explore these odd green things when i saw a whole school of tadpoles swimming towards the pond from a puddle in the driveway. There’s a little drain opening where they were swimming in and out. i was so excited!!! β™₯ i was practically bouncing with excitement as i called Daddy over to look. Then i told Him i’ve never seen a lillypad in real life either. A grin spread across His face as He began telling me stories of swimming in ponds as a kid full of lillypads and frogs. He loves seeing my child-like wonder as i experience something new for the first time or get excited about the simple things. Good thing i’ll never outgrow that. πŸ™‚

Image result for pics of redwood trees on hwy 1
Not our photo, but we drove through miles and miles of redwood forest interspersed with ocean views. Breathtaking doesn’t begin to describe it.

A tidbit of information for those of you unfamiliar with California. Fort Bragg is a town in Mendocino county that is no where near where the old Army base was. πŸ™‚ The base was down in Monterey county. Really far away.

Daddy and i had the best time together!!! There was laughter and ease through the entire trip. We plan to head back again to partake in some their unique shops come the holidays. πŸ˜‰ Romantic walks and meals shared weren’t at a shortage either. Yes, we made time for that, too! That’s another post! lol

2 thoughts on “Fort Bragg

  1. What beautiful views! It sounds like you had a fantastic trip:)
    My husband and I lived in CA for about 18 months back in the late 80’s when he was in the Air Force. I’m sad to say we missed the Fort Bragg area when we lived in Rancho Cordova. When we traveled we went to Reno and Napa. I think we would have enjoyed Fort Bragg more. Thanks for sharing your trip:)

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