Life & Wha’ts going on

I mentioned last week, I think, that we’re heading out of town for our anniversary. Today’s the big day!!! 😀 I was awake at zero-dark-early…. probably a bit of anticipation for our little adventure. The dogs are snuggled on either side of me as I sit on the couch catching up on my reading and writing. Yes, I know I haven’t been as good about posting lately. That damn game I’m playing! lol I’ve also spent more time outside, which has been amazing! We’ve had a warm spell this last week that’s nearly shocking. The mornings are down around freezing (31* – 33*), but the afternoons have warmed up into sunny spring-like days. I’ve been in skirts and short sleeves with all the doors and windows open most of the day. Ahhhh…. how can one not enjoy California weather? Seriously! It’s going to get cool again pretty quick and we’ll be longing for the warmer days again. A nice mild winter this year.

As I said, we’re headed out of town today. lol Given that Daddy doesn’t know California very well, I picked the spot. We’re driving up north into Mendocino county where we’ll be in a little coastal town. Our hotel has ocean views, though isn’t directly on the water. A visit to Glass Beach is definitely in order!

Image result for glass beach fort bragg
Sadly, it’s illegal to take any glass from the beach. It’s stunning!

The ginormous trees California is famous for are up there, too. Sadly we lost this particular tree (below) in the 2017 fires. There are still others equally huge. The redwoods in my area are puny compared to these ancient beauties. 🙂 There’s nothing like it. Well, at least for me. I’ve always found my sanctuary in the forest and woods.

Image result for mendocino county images

I’ve never seen a lighthouse up close and personal. How I’ve never seen one, I’ll never understand! lol They’re all over the place. This is the Fort Bragg Lighthouse. Pretty close to where we’ll be staying. Get Daddy to take me! ♥

Image result for mendocino county images

This is the excitement in our lives at the moment. Daddy’s been off since yesterday and goes back to work on Sunday. Our bags are packed and ready. I bought new lingerie and heels to spice things up. ;P I think he’ll approve!

We’re leaving the boys home. My BFF is going to take care of them. He has dogs, too, so they’ll have fun and it’ll be a nice adventure for them, too. As long as they’re delighted to see me when we get home… all is well. 😀

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